Who Are We? Where Did It All Start?

1st post introduction

Hello, Everyone!

I'm Cj, and I am the owner of God Family & Music Apparel. Now I am not a professional blog writer, or anything like that. Just sharing with you my thoughts, opinions and experiences. So without the long drawn out introduction, let's get to the topic; Who Are We? Where Did It All Start?

Well, I am a music producer, song-writer, and musician. So back in 2010, I started my production Company CeeMDee Productions. Where it homes one of the best female producers around...me! (LOL!) (You can check out my music at Cjfreebeats.com. After a while, and selling some instrumentals, I wanted to expand my brand by selling T-Shirts. Being unknown, I didn't want to sell shirts with my producer name (Cj Free), but I wanted them to reflect who I was.

So, one day I went down to my mother's house and said," Mom, I need some ideas for my t-shirt line." She began shooting ideas, such as scriptures, and catchy slogans. I sat for a while, and the very first idea I said was "God Family & Music". She stopped, and looked at me and said...."that's gooood! I like that!". I said "yeah it's me, in a nutshell". 

God, stands for who is first and foremost in my life. Growing up as a church kid, I was introduced to God very young. It wasn't until I got older that my relationship formed with Him...and ol' mannnn, I'm so grateful for what we have. I'll speak more about that on another day.

Family, is my foundation and my rock. My mother, brother, and niece means the absolute world to me! I wouldn't have made it thus far without God and their support. They were my investors, and my first customers. Words can't express the love I have for them.

Music, stands for who I am. I breath music. I will bob my head and beat box to any catchy beat I hear, from a commercial selling dolls, to a jingle from the ice cream truck. I am drawn to it , like a moth to a flame. And I always hear it differently, by the time it goes through one ear and come out the other, a remix is formed (LOL!) 

So that's how it started as a t-shirt line. It did ok, but God had other plans. He told me, bigger! Not to just make it a t-shirt line, but a company. It wasn't easy by far, there were so many obstacles we faced. From trademark approvals to finding the proper equipment. But by the grace of God,  we relaunched in March of this year (2017) as a company. And here we are!

We produce our own clothing, and people knew that. So they begin to ask, if we could help start their clothing line, and could we create a custom shirt for their for a birthday party, school event, etc. We begin to venture off into custom apparel creation, and before you knew it, it grew legs and ran! 

We begin making custom t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, business cards, banners, flyers, wall decals, car decals, and so much more. Recently, we had to expand because of the growth of our custom apparel market. So we have launched our custom apparel division Ten09 designs. Feel free to check us out (www.ten09designs.com), not only do we offer custom apparel services, but we have designs already created to choose from.

Who We Are?

We are a clothing brand, that just want those who can relate to these three words (God, Family, & Music) representing who they are as well. We made it for music producers, musicians, singers, music lovers, who love their family, and who believe.

I hope that you join us on this journey as we continue to grow the brand and the company as a whole. I plan to blog about so much, even giving tips on ways to start your own clothing company. So stay tuned! Well, that's all for now. This is my first blog EVER!! How did I do?

Blessings To You

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