About Us

God Family & Music® was a God given idea to myself (Cj Free, female music/producer/ musician/songwriter) back in 2014. One day I started thinking of a t-shirt brand that would represent myself and that would be great to coincide with my music production company.  I began to talk with my mother about it, and we started to brainstorm. She came up with several suggestions, and the first suggestion I had was God Family & Music®. She thought the idea was perfect and so did I. God Family & Music® represented my whole existence in 3 words.

We started to produce and sell the shirts as an extension to my music production company CeeMDee Productions back in 2014, but God had other plans. God Family & Music® would be it's on brand and company. So I began to get to work.

God Family & Music Apparel the company was founded in 2016. This vision has been in the making for a while and it's finally here. Founded and registered trademarked brand God Family & Music® is representing what many can relate to. 

We not only have t-shirts but other apparel as well such as hats and other items like, coffee mugs, and tote bags. We have several designs set to release all representing the God Family & Music® brand.

We have since expanded our company offering custom apparel printing and design services. We also offer full distribution services, and marketing product printing (business cards,flyers, banners), custom T-Shirts, Hats, coffee mugs, and a whole lot more. Our Custom Apparel division company is Ten09 Designs (www.ten09designs.com).

Various designs,products,and collections will continue to roll-out  as we continue to grow. Subscribe to our newsletter and come along as we embark on this journey while bringing you the best in quality and originality.

 -Cj (Owner of God Family & Music Apparel)